Mobile GeneriKard is Generika Drugstore’s customer loyalty program. With Mobile GeneriKard, you earn and redeem points more conveniently using only your mobile number! You can still earn and redeem points to purchase medicines at any Generika Drugstore branch. The points you earn have no expiration, therefore, you can enjoy the privileges any time!

Visit your nearest Generika Drugstore and register to Mobile GeneriKard now!

Mobile GeneriKard is the mobile version of Generika Drugstore’s customer loyalty program. It’s the same GeneriKard, only more convenient, because you earn and redeem points using your mobile number.

Unlike GeneriKard, you don’t have to buy a certain amount of medicines to become a member. Registration to Mobile GeneriKard is FREE for any store transaction! There is no minimum purchase requirement for the customer to earn points for each transaction.

With the old GeneriKard, you would have to present your card at payment to earn points but with Mobile GeneriKard, you just have to present your mobile number to the cashier and you earn points automatically!

No need for the physical card, you don’t have to have your phone! Just present your mobile number and you earn points as easy as that!

The mechanics of the Mobile GeneriKard are as follow:

  • Free mobile number registration
  • Get a free GeneriKard “show card” when you present Php 150.00 worth of accumulated receipts of generic medicines and food supplements
  • Points earned will be automatically reset to 0 every December 31 except for the points earned between October and December of that year.

The following are eligible to apply for the Mobile GeneriKard:

  • 18 years old and above;
  • Owner of a mobile phone (smartphone not required!);
  • With active mobile number.

Please note that Mobile GeneriKard is for personal and individual transactions only. Any institutions, organizations, or foundations are not qualified to register.

Before proceeding with payment, ask our staff to give you an earning/redemption sheet. Check “earn” and fill up the form with your mobile number, present it together with your payment, then you are done!

If you have the show card that contains your registered mobile number, just present it together with your payment and you are done!

Please note that all transactions will earn points except for the following:

  • Transactions with discount (SC, PWD, and Corporate Discount)
  • Delivery transactions

After any transaction, submit a redemption sheet to any of our staff, wait for a one-time pin (OTP) to be sent to your registered mobile number, this only takes 1-2 minutes. Once received, show the OTP to our cashier and you may now use your points!

Yes, of course! As long as someone can inform you of the OTP, then redemption is possible.

Register your mobile number now and earn points the easy way!