Eto na naman tayo. Gastos dito, gastos doon. After paying your child’s school tuition, buying new school uniforms, new books and all, you still have to deal with your regular monthly expenses.  Hay. Parang totoo ang sinasabi ng iba: it’s not easy to save money.

The problem with some money-saving tips is that sometimes you still have to buy things like energy-conserving gadgetsor 2nd hand clothes or items. Sometimes you even have to change your lifestyle.  It’s really not sustainable for many people, right? 

Huwag mag-alala, there are simple, practical ways to organize and save on your monthly expenses.

List it down.

Alamin mo kung ano talaga ang ginagastos mo buwan-buwan.  Make a list of your regular expenses like electricity and water bills, rent, LPG, groceries, pamasahe, etc.  Separate your budget for each.  Put the money in separate envelopes so you won’t spend it on anything else.

Make your grocery list.

This will help you buy the things your family really needsand avoid buying the things you don’t need.  Plus, you won’t have to spend on going back to the grocery for the things you forgot to buy.  Dagdag gastos ka pa pag ganoon.

Save energy, save money.

Alam mo na ito. You don’t have to spend on energy-saving gadgets.  Just turn-off the lights when no one is in the room.  Don’t use the aircon when a fan is cool enough.  Hindi rin kailangan nakabukas ang TV habang kumakain kayo.  Spend some quality time talking with your family during dinner.  Mas okay ang bonding time!

Take care of your health.

Remember, prevention more affordable than the cure.  So try to stay healthy and keep your family healthy as well. Kaya kasama dapat sa budget mo ang mga vitamins at mga gamot ng pamilya mo.  

Now, there’s a way to make sure that your budget for you and your family’s health will not be used for other things.  Generika Drugstore’s MEDPadalais an electronic gift certificate that can be sent to your family and relatives to purchase medicines, whether for maintenance or for emergency.  Bagay ito sa mga OFWs o sa mga malayo sa pamilya because MEDPadala EGC can be redeemed to purchase medicines and other health-related products at any of the over 760 Generika Drugstore branches nationwide.

And it’s really simple.  BUY. SEND. USE.

1. Buy your MEDPadala electronic gift certificate at any Generika Drugstore branch or at medpadala.com.ph.

2. Send via text or email the Code and PIN that you have received to your family or relatives.

3. Use the Code and PIN to buy their medicines at any Generika Drugstore Branch.

MEDPadala is another thoughtful and pioneering PLUS from Generika Drugstore to bring QUALITY, affordable generic medicines for you and your family’s health and wellness, together within Generika Drugstore’s wide range of PLUS services for customers such as the Libreng Konsulta, Gamot Guide, Free Blood Pressure Monitoring, and more!

For more information about Generika Drugstore’s MEDPadala, visit www.medpadala.com.ph.

Saving money is about using your money or your budget for the right things.  It should be something you can do every month. TIPID TIME can be ALL THE TIME especially with Generika Drugstore.