Generika Drugstore was founded on a compelling need to make medicines more affordable to Filipino families. Its founders, Teodoro L. Ferrer and Julien B. Belo, saw a common struggle among many Filipinos to keep up with the rising cost of medicines and set out on a mission to address this need by providing them access to the more affordable generic medicines. This vision led to the opening of the first Generika Drugstore 18 years ago in Montillano, Alabang, the pioneering generics drugstore in the country.

Over the years, Generika Drugstore has carried on its mission, introducing quality and affordable generic alternatives to branded medicines through its network of drugstores that has grown to over 700 stores nationwide. Driven by a strong sense of social purpose, Generika Drugstore also initiated offering value add services to promote overall health and wellness with its PLUS Services such as Libreng Konsulta, which was intuitively transitioned to Libreng Tele-Konsulta at the onset of the CoVid -19 pandemic, basic diagnostic tests through its tie-ups for Mobile Laboratory services, and the Gamot Guide provided to customers for free so they can be given relevant information on the medicines they are buying such as dosage, administration and storage - all done with the Filipino family’s best healthcare interest in mind.

Generika Drugstore also recognizes the need to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape in the country and has been at the forefront of introducing innovative healthcare products, services and solutions. It launched its own house brands, Actimed for its line of generic medicines and Nutrawell for its vitamins and food supplements, to assure stable supply of products in its stores and promote affordable pricing. In 2014 it launched MEDPadala, an electronic gift certificate (GC) exclusively used for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies at any Generika Drugstore, which allows the GC buyer to take care of the medicine needs of a loved one even from afar, a facility that addressed a pain point of many Filipinos working abroad at that time and has become more relevant today with the mobility restrictions from the pandemic. Last year Generika Drugstore also launched its own e-commerce platform providing customers the facility to order online via its Generika Drugstore App and have their or their loved one’s medicines and other healthcare essentials delivered within the same day in the safety and comfort of their homes or picked up in selected stores at their convenient time. This mobile app complements the Call and Deliver services already offered by the stores at the onset of the pandemic to enable Filipinos to have continued access to their immediate healthcare needs.

“As Generika Drugstore celebrates its 18th Anniversary, we reaffirm our commitment to continue to deliver on the vision that led to its founding. We remain strong in our resolve to provide the Filipino family access to quality, affordable generic medicines and healthcare services,” said Atty. Yet Abarca, President and CEO of Generika Drugstore.

As part of the 18th Anniversary celebrations, Generika Drugstore will offer 18% OFF on purchases made via the Generika Drugstore App from September 27 to October 3, 2021 on top of its promo offering of a reduced delivery fee from P90 to P50 for the same period. The Generika Drugstore App is available for download via Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Generika Drugstore

Generika Drugstore, a member of the AC Health Group, is a national chain of drugstores in the Philippines that was established to provide access to quality, affordable, generic medicines. It is the recipient of numerous awards, recognizing its positive contribution to the promotion of the health and well-being of Filipinos.