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Generika, Ayala Foundation, Inc. hold med mission

Generika Drugstore, together with Ayala Foundation, Inc., conducted a medical mission for the benefit of the residents recently displaced by typhoons.


A total of 538 individuals, living in a resettlement site run by the Don Bosco parish in Calauan, Laguna, received free medicines and availed of free check up for general health concerns. Vitamins were given to children while for adult patients, blood pressure monitoring and weight check were among the services provided to them for free.


The event was made possible through the joint effort of Generika Calauan branch, Generika employees and field personnel, Ayala Foundation, Inc. and doctors, and in cooperation with Pryce Pharmaceuticals and SR Foods, maker of Shaolin liniment.

Generika backs DOH to combat AMR

The first Philippine antimicrobial resistance summit organized by the Department of Health (DOH) was held recently at the New World Manila Bay Hotel with the aim to address the misuse of antibiotics.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is facilitated by the inappropriate use of medicines, for example, when taking substandard doses or not finishing a prescribed course of treatment. As a result, bacteria and viruses become stronger to the point that it makes the bacteria and viruses withstand the effect of antibiotics.

Low-quality medicines, wrong prescriptions and poor infection prevention and control also encourage the development and spread of drug resistance.

Speaking at the summit, Generika Drugstore president Teodoro Ferrer shared the efforts of Generika in support to the government's call to help mitigate the threat since the release of Administrative Order 42 of 2014.

“Cognizant that AMR is becoming a great obstacle in the fight against infectious diseases and realizing its dire consequences, our seemingly small efforts turned out to be a significant step”, Ferrer said before the attendees composed of representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Office and delegates from the public and private sectors. “Generika will continue to support and take action on this matter, Ferrer further declared.

During the summit, Generika was commended by DOH and was acknowledged for being the first drugstore to express support in combating AMR.

Generics Expo 2015


Generika Drugstore received a plaque of appreciation from the Department of Health (DOH) for being one of the pioneer institutions that made affordable and quality generic medicines available in the Philippines. The plaque was given by the DOH during the 2015 Generics Expo held recently at the activity center of SM Megamall.

Besides Generika, its brand ambassador Boy Abunda was also recognized for his distinguished contribution in increasing awareness on the importance of generic medicines.

During the event, DOH also launched the Drug Price Watch website that will provide transparent and comparative price information of basic essential medicines from leading drug store chains as well as public hospital pharmacies in the country. This website aims to guide the consumers on where to get the cheapest medicine within their area. The website can be accessed at

In celebration of the 27th year of Generics Act, DOH held a Generics Expo to acknowledge the significant results of the continuous promotion of generic medicines in the country since the passing of the law in 1988.

Celebrating Generika’s 12th Year Anniversary through Public Service


As a way of giving back and upholding its commitment to serving the community, Generika Drugstore in celebration of its 12th year anniversary conducted a big medical mission last September 26, with the theme ‘Serbisyo Publiko para sa bawat Pilipino’.

A total of 5,648 individuals benefited from the free consultation or Libreng Konsulta held simultaneously in six sites namely: Sta Cruz, Ilocos Sur; Castillejos, Zambales; Moncada,Tarlac; Ligao, Albay; Tacloban City, Leyte and Quezon Avenue, Iligan. The patients were also given free medicines for cough and colds, fever and pain, treatment for respiratory ailments, maintenance medicines for hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, infections curable with antibiotics, and dietary supplements.

With an aspiration aligned with the company’s advocacy, Generika’s brand ambassador, Mr. Boy Abunda, graced the medical mission in Tarlac, which was conducted in partnership with Go Moncada Advance and Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation (MYNP) – two organizations close to Abunda’s heart.

The outreach program would not have been possible without the support of the community doctors, health care professionals from the Ayala group, pharmaceutical suppliers, barangay officials and the Generika staff and employees who volunteered to make this event a success!

Generika-Maxicare Contract Signing



(Signatories from left to right) Ms. Rodelee V. Uy - Vice President, Consumer and Regional Sales of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, Mr. Jose Pastor Z. Puno - President & CEO of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, Mr. Teodoro Ferrer - President of Generika, and Mr. Jay Ferrer - Vice President of Actimed Distribution

Generika recently signed a partnership with Maxicare, a health maintenance organization (HMO) industry providing comprehensive health care programs via its wide network of medical providers.

With this joint venture, customers can now avail of Maxicare’s EReady card at selected Generika outlets and soon in all Generika branches nationwide. EReady is a health care prepaid card that provides availment coverage of up to P15,000 for illnesses and/or injuries arising from emergency cases. EReady card can be utilized in more than 1,000 accredited hospitals and clinics of Maxicare.

 The contract signing was held at Generika Drugstore’s head office located in Parañaque City.

Generika Launches New Drug Information System for Customers

The newest addition to Generika’s line of patient-centered services is now being used in Generika Sucat branch. Called 'Generika Gamot Guide’, this patient-friendly tool provides customers with basic drug information such as the name of medicine purchased, indication, dosage, storage, side effects of the medicine, and other helpful reminders, among others.

This system provides an effective guide for the patients on how to take their medication properly but not meant to replace the prescription of the doctor. Patients are advised to follow the prescribed medicines by their doctor. This initiative is part of the commitment of Generika to provide superior customer service thru quality patient care.



This newest customer-centric service conceptualized and developed by Generika’s Corporate Pharmacy and Novelis Solutions will soon become available in all Generika outlets nationwide.

Generika Holds Med Mission for Students and Parents

Generika Drugstore Bulakan branch recently conducted a medical mission for the benefit of parents and students of Gregorio del Pilar Elementary School.


A total of 1,344 individuals had their health checked by doctors. They also received freebies such as medicines and vitamins for children.


Aside from that, the parents also had a chance to try out the products and services of some participating companies  such as free coffee from Glorious Blend and free massage care of Pau Liniment.


The event was made possible through the joint effort of Generika Bulakan, Bulacan branch in cooperation with the following suppliers: Vendiz Pharmaceuticals, International Pharmaceuticals, SR Foods, Glorious Blend, Remed Pharmaceuticals Inc, CCM International, Colgate Philippines, and Pasteur Pharmaceuticals.

Generika Drugstore and Ayala Corporation Partnership

Generika Drugstore is proud to be the newest member of Ayala Group of Companies!

TO this very day, the Philippines has one of the highest price levels for medicines in the developing world. What drug sells for the equivalent of P10 in India sells for P100 in the Philippines; P20 in India, P200 in the Philippines.  In other words, drug prices in the Philippines are typically 10 times higher than in India.   They are, to lesser extents, higher than drug prices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other South and Southeast Asian countries.

What accounts for these extortionately high prices of medicines in the  Philippines?   One, the patent law whose intention to protect innovation and invention has been perverted to preserve monopoly power for pharmaceutical firms.  Two, the laws on intellectual-property rights which have been interpreted to include practically all individual claims to property rights. And three, the mobilization by drug manufacturers of medical doctors, hospital owners and managers into sales agents for specific medical brands through bribes of free travels abroad for this or that so-called medical conference or seminar.

The government has been aware of this situation and has done something about it—establishing Botika ng Bayan, to import and sell to the public pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.  This endeavor has been emulated by the private sector which now brings to the public generic drugs and medicines to break the stranglehold of heavily advertised specific brands.

It is in this context that we welcome with no small amount of jubilation the acquisition by Ayala Corp. of a 50-percent stake in the drug-store chain Generika Group.   Led by businessmen Julien Bello and Teodoro Ferrer, Generika Group is one of the country’s pioneers in the retail distribution of quality generic medicines and the offering of a range of select branded medicines, medical supplies and consumer goods.  It has more than 500 stores nationwide.

Generika has done a tremendous job of raising the awareness of the public to the existence of generic medicine as a substitute for the specific brands advertised under its rubric.  Through Generika’s influence, the Philippine public now knows that generic medicine is the foundation of the curative power of the differentiated brands advertised in the market.  Despite its success, however, Generika has made little impact on the monopolistic predominance of differentiated brands.

A financially powerful partner like Ayala Corp. can make a difference.  It can contribute to the lowering of the prices of pharmaceutical products through the establishment of a wider network of drugstores nationwide; the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of these stores, and the broadening and deepening of offerings of generic medicines. More important, and this seems to be a principal objective of the Ayala group, it can bring high-level medical services to the people through the building and operation of state-of-the-art health-care facilities for them, etc.

May this partnership of two of the country’s socially oriented firms in the provision of affordable first-class health care to our countrymen be rewarded with resounding success.

(Photo and article courtesy of Business Mirror)

Generika Trains Future Certified Pharmacy Assistants

To help Pharmacy Assistants earn credits and to prepare them for the assessment on their NC III certification from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and to eventually become certified Pharmacy Assistants, Generika Drugstore, in partnership with RiteMED, conducted a training program at Generika Drugstore Head Office in Parañaque, which was led by speakers from Asian Pacific Institute on Medication Management (APIMM).


Centered on the theme “Adherence to Good Pharmacy Practice Standards”, the speakers delivered lectures on rational and responsible use of medicines, following guidelines on good pharmacy practice to improve quality of pharmacy services towards global competitiveness, and engaging customers on safe medication, among others.


The lecturers were Mr. Bryan Posadas (Marketing Manager of APIMM, Chairman of the Young Pharmacist Group of the Philippines, and President-Elect of Asian Young Pharmacists Group) and Ms. Arianne Diane Aniñon (Pharmacist, APIMM).

The training program was conducted on June 10, 2015 and July 17, 2015 attended by Generika pharmacy assistants from Luzon and Visayas clusters respectively.

This program was spearheaded by Generika Human Resources Training – Supplemental Unit.

Generika Pharmacists Trains with the Professionals to Brush up their Skills

To keep Generika pharmacists updated with the latest development in the practice of their profession and to improve their skills in providing accurate patient counseling and excellent service to patients, the Generika Corporate Pharmacy Department in cooperation with the Asia Pacific Institute for Medication Management Inc. (APIMM) conducted a seminar at the Generika Head Office in Paranaque City, led by former and current officials from various professional organizations of pharmacist in the country.


Called Pharmacist Enhancement Program (PEP), the lectures revolve around the theme "Improving Medication Use, Addressing Public Health Care Needs" where courses on Endocrine System, Diabetes Management, Patient Counseling on Diabetes, and Patient Counseling on Hypertension were discussed, among others.


The panel of lecturers includes Mr. Bryan Posadas (Marketing Manager of APIMM, Chairman of the Young Pharmacist Group of the Philippines, and President-Elect of Asian Young Pharmacists Group), Dr. Yolanda Robles (former Dean of UP College of Pharmacy and current Secretary General of Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations or FAPA), Ms. Leonila Ocampo (Immediate Past President of Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc. or PPhA), with Ms. Diane Aniñon and Mr. Cristan Agaceta as junior lecturers from APIMM, Inc.


This is just the first leg of the many trainings and seminars that the Projects Development Unit under the Corporate Pharmacy Department of Generika has prepared for its pharmacists. Generika aims to develop further the knowledge and expertise of its pharmacists, in order to provide quality patient-centered care to patients in all Generika Drugstore branches.


New Generika Outlet at The District Mall, Dasmariñas, Cavite!


Today, Generika’s newest and one of its biggest branches formally opened at The District Mall, Dasmariñas, Cavite! Wider product selection is made available for the consumers ranging from personal care, to health and wellness, refreshments & many other additional products and services. The store has a very inviting ambiance to customers not to mention the warmth and friendliness of our store personnel. This is also Generika’s first store with a self service area for customers.





Alongside the grand opening of the Generika outlet is the third and last day of Generika Drugstore's Health and Wellness Fair, a health-themed event for the whole family, happening at the mall’s activity area! We’d like to thank our sponsors--Glorious Marketing Industrial, Pryce Pharma, CCM Pharma, SR Foods, Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp, Remed Pharma, SureChoice Pharma, and Rej Diamond for helping us stage this successful event.


Visit Generika Dasma branch for your medicines, personal care needs and many more… We hope to see you there!

Generika Introduces MedPadala to OFWs in Hong Kong

Generika Drugstore, together with I-Remit (Generika’s Merchant Partner), introduced MedPadala to the thousands of OFWs who attended a string of events at Chater Road Central, Hong Kong, in celebration of the Kapangyawan Friendship Festival featuring Philippine culture and various Philippine festivals.



Generika took the opportunity to inform the OFWs about the many benefits of MedPadala, an electronic gift check for medicines, which can be sent to their loved ones here in the Philippines, so that their beneficiaries can buy the medicines they need. MedPadala is very practical and convenient as it has no expiration and can be used in multiple transactions until the entire balance is fully consumed. To be able to experience MedPadala, Generika gave away free MedPadala EGCs to the OFWs.


MedPadala EGC payments are accepted in any I-Remit outlets in Hong Kong including I-Remit Lik Sang Plaza, I-Remit World-wide Plaza, and I-Remit United Center.

Generika new ad campaign assures quality medicines and huge savings

Consumers’ perception about generic medicines being inferior to branded drugs still exists today. Primarily, their doubt on generic medicines comes from the lack of information on the sources or manufacturers of these medicines. Many consumers consider generic medicines inferior since they are perceived to be locally-made and from cheaper ingredients.

Generika Drugstore, with its new campaign, corrects their common notion about generic drugs, and underscores the savings one can get without having to sacrifice on the efficacy of medicines. After all, consumers need to be assured that they and their loved ones will get well with the generic medicines they are taking.

Utilizing Boy Abunda as its brand ambassador for the third year, Generika’s Magaling…Makatao… campaign gives the consumers the confidence and the assurance that the medicines from Generika are of excellent quality, as they are sourced from reliable and known manufacturers here in the country and abroad.  Generic medicines available at Generika are made by multinational and local drug companies which are based in countries like Germany, Korea, Italy and India, among others. In the Philippines, the manufacturers that supply Generika with medicines are only those approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that comply with manufacturing standards, thus attesting to their products’ quality and efficacy.

But quality does not always come with a premium price. At Generika, consumers can buy generic medicines at very affordable prices, but at the same time get the same level of efficacy as branded medicines. Generic medicines contain the same active ingredient as brand name drugs; therefore, they are as equally effective as branded medicines. While generic and branded medicines provide the same efficacy, the significant difference can be felt in the pocket. At Generika, consumers can enjoy savings up to 85% which can be utilized for other expenses or for goods and services that are as substantial as medicines.

Generika’s campaign does not only educate the public about generic medicines, but more importantly, it teaches each and every Filipino to be a smart and practical consumer, by taking advantage of what generic medicines can offer.  

Established in 2003, Generika Drugstore was formed to address the need for quality and affordable medicines, especially for many Filipinos who cannot afford to complete their medication due to the prohibitive cost of branded medicines. Presently, Generika has over 550 branches offering quality, safe and affordable medicines for hypertension, cardiovascular, and other maintenance medicines under Actimed, its own private label of generic medicines.

Generika also offers MedPadala EGC, an electronic gift check that serves to purchase medicines at any Generika branch. Visit for more information about this innovative product.

Generika "Bantay Kalusugan" Medical Mission

Generika Drugstore conducted a “Bantay Kalusugan” medical mission for the residents of Muntinlupa held recently at Bayanan covered court, Muntinlupa city.

The medical mission was a result of a fund raising activity dubbed as Generika Drugstore Run For A Cause (Together We Can Make a Difference), a fun run organized by Generika branches located in Muntinlupa.

A total of 438 patients benefited from free consultation and free medicines and vitamins. The patients were also given freebies and some giveaways from Generika.

The event was made possible through the joint effort of Generika Montillano, Starmall, Bayanan, Starplaza, Putatan, and Generika Poblacion branch. Statcare Diagnostic Clinic rendered assistance by providing doctors and health practitioners.

Generika Supports Phil Seven Foundation Inc Grand Medical Mission

Generika Drugstore provided support and assistance in the recently held grand medical mission organized by Phil Seven Foundation Inc. (7-11 Philippines). The event happened on April 25, in association with the City Government of Antipolo.

Through this activity, one thousand patients received various medicines, Generika giveaways, and all participants benefited health care services for free – fbs/rbc to senior citizens, vitamin sampling for kids, blood pressure check up, and patient counseling for general health concerns. 

Generika Pharmacists, Pharmacy Assistants, and volunteer employees gathered to help in dispensing the medicines, do fbs/rbc procedure, and supplied vitamin sampling.

Generika Advocates Healthy Lifestyle

On April 25, a fun run with Zumba exercise on the side occurred at Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation compound. Runners arrived as early as 4:00 am to participate. This event was organized by Generika San Carlos 1 & 2.

Each winner (male and female) in 3K, 5K, and 14K race categories received medals, certificates, and cash prizes. The event was made possible in cooperation with Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Red Cross and Deltacom.

The next day, April 26, professional runners and running enthusiasts alike took part in 5K, 10K, 21K race categories of Generika’s “Takbo Para Sa Kalusugan 2015” a cause-oriented fun run, which was held at City of Pines’ notable Burnham Park. Funds that were earned from the event will be used for a medical mission for the benefit of the indigent communities in Baguio.

The event was a huge success with over 600 participants. Each winner of respective race categories received a cash prize, finisher's certificate, medals and MedPadala EGC (an electronic gift check for medicines).

This event was made possible through the support of our sponsors.

“Takbo Para Sa Kalusugan 2015” was organized by Generika Abatan Benguet, Generika La Trinidad, Generika Km 5 La Trinidad Branch 2,Generika Session Road, Generika Calderon, Generika Upper Mabini, Generika Lakandula, Generika Public Market Branch, Generika Kayan, and Generika Magsaysay.

Actimed Inc. Grand Opening and Blessing

Actimed Distribution Inc., an affiliate company of Generika Drugstore, recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of its warehouse and distribution facility. The ribbon cutting was spearheaded by (from left to right) Vice President of Actimed Inc. Mr. Jay Ferrer, Generika President Mr. Teodoro L. Ferrer, and Actimed Inc. General Manager Mr. Julien Bello.

Generika Drugstore officially opened its new and huge Actimed Inc. warehouse and distribution center, located at Light Industry Science Park 1, Cabuyao, Laguna. This 7,000-square meter facility handles the distribution, warehousing, logistics and the commissary of Generika stores.

A hundred attendees witnessed the grand opening and blessing of the Actimed Distribution Center were Generika officials, suppliers/representatives from pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders.

In association with Generika Drugstore’s missionary vision to be able to provide quality affordable generic medicines in the country, Actimed serves as the carriers of a wide range of quality and effective generic medicines. It only selects reliable manufacturers of imported medicines to the Philippines.

Generika-Ventaja Contract Signing

Generika recently signed a partnership with Ventaja, an enterprise with payment platforms that help bridge the gap between Filipino consumers, particularly to OFWs and the institutions that serve them. With this joint venture, OFWs can now pay at Ventaja's partner establishments the MedPadala EGC amount they want to send to their loved ones back home. Currently, Ventaja has 73 partners globally. See list of Ventaja agents here:

The contract signing was held at Generika Drugstore’s head office located in Parañaque City.

Generika Drugstore Supports ABS-CBN Tulong Center Medical Mission

Generika Drugstore provided medicines and volunteers in a medical mission organized by ABS-CBN Tulong Center as part of its 1st anniversary celebration.

Held at the ABS-CBN compound in Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City, the medical mission was one of the event’s most highly anticipated and attended by the public. Generika donated medicines for cough and colds, antibiotics, pain relievers, gastrointestinal medications, anti-asthma, and maintenance medicines for hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol.  Pharmacists from Generika and volunteers from the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA) spearheaded the dispensing of medicines and conducted patient counseling to make the beneficiaries informed of their medications.