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Generika signs MOA with I-Remit to offer MedPadala EGC

Generika Drugstore and I-Remit, one of the leading remittance companies engaged in providing fund transfer and remittance services to OFWs, recently signed a partnership agreement to provide a payment collection facility for OFWs abroad who will purchase MEDPadala Electronic Gift Checks (EGCs), which can be sent to loved ones or beneficiaries in the Philippines, to purchase medicines at any of Generika’s 500 branches nationwide. 

This partnership paves the way for OFWs to avail of the MedPadala EGC in I-Remit’s global network of over 1, 400 remittance outlets consisting of subsidiaries, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and tie ups present in 23 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America.

The contract signing was held at the I-Remit office located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

From Left to Right: Harris Jacildo (President and COO – I-Remit), Bansan Choa (Chairman and CEO – I-Remit), Teodoro Ferrer (President – Generika Drugstore), Julien Bello (Vice President – Novelis Solutions) and Jay Ferrer (Vice President – Actimed Distribution)

Generika Drugstore wins Most Innovative Company of the Year

Generika Drugstore has been chosen as winner of the “Most Innovative Company of the Year” given by the Asia CEO Awards which was held recently at the Grand Ballroom of the Solaire Resort & Casino. Generika’s unique and innovative product/service called MedPadala EGC, an electronic gift check that guarantees money sent to a beneficiary will be spent for medicines, was voted as the winner among eight finalists.

MedPadala is a remarkable innovation that addresses the worries of Filipinos, here or abroad, willing to help their loved ones for their medicine requirements, but concerned that their financial assistance might be diverted into other purposes. Instead of sending money, they can now purchase MedPadala, send the Code and PIN information to their loved ones who can use this instantly to purchase medicines at any Generika Drugstore branch.  A service unique to Generika and acclaimed by the award giving body as a meaningful innovation that will improve lives of our countrymen.

MedPadala  can be purchased at any Generika Drugstore, LBC branches nationwide, or   through VMobile users. It can also be purchased online at and soon via I-Remit branches in various countries. More channel partners will be announced soon.

Generika Drugstore and MedPadala: helping Filipino families take better care of their health.

The Asia CEO Awards is among the highest honors bestowed upon business leaders and organizations operating in Philippines and in the region, recognized for their outstanding achievement for their respective organizations and also contribution to society.

Generika Drugstore Marks 11th Anniversary with Medical Missions

In celebration of its 11th year anniversary, Generika Drugstore has organized a simultaneous medical mission in 11 areas nationwide dubbed as "Serbisyo Publiko sa ika-11 Taong Anibersaryo".

Close to 10,000  individuals benefited from the medical missions held in selected communities in Malabon, Taguig, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon Province, Cebu, Negros Oriental, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

The beneficiaries were provided with medical consultations, free medicines and other health related services from Generika, with the help of pharma suppliers and other partners. Generika's medical missions brought together 121 doctors and over 500 volunteers including AFP contingents, Red Cross volunteers, Generika employees from the Head Office and staff from Generika branches.

Spearheaded by Generika franchisees, the annual medical mission is aimed at providing medical services not only to Generika customers but also to people who belong to the marginalized sector, who cannot afford to avail of doctors’ consultation and the medicines they need.

"We are very appreciative for all the blessings that we have received this year, and we are determined to give back and show our gratitude to our customers thru these medical missions that we provide especially to people who are in need, says Generika President Teodoro Ferrer. "This is also part of the fulfillment of our vision to serve the community with our quality affordable generic medicines with superior customer service, complemented by a strong sense of social purpose" Ferrer added.

Since 2008, conducting medical mission activities for the benefit of the indigents has been the highlight of Generika's anniversary celebrations, with the ultimate objective of giving back to the community, which is deeply rooted into the company's corporate values.

More than1,000 join Generika Medical Mission at Bucana, Davao City

THERE WAS AN endless stream of mothers with their kids in tow; plenty of senior citizens too along with the regular every day Juan and Maria. In all, the volunteer doctors and health workers were able to serve one thousand twenty-one patients from the biggest and most populous barangay in Davao City.

This was the scene last Saturday, 4 October 2014 at Purok 5, Brgy 76-A Bucana, at the very heart of Davao where Generika Drugstore brought its quality affordable generic medicines and health services to the community. This event was one of 11 medical missions done simultaneously nationwide in celebration of Generika Drugstores’ 11thfounding anniversary.

This medical mission is a yearly activity. As per LiezlRepatacodo-Clapis, Regional Business Manager of GenerikaDrugstore,”This program aims to make the medical services available to everyone especially to those who need it most---our way of giving back. It’s also living up to our tagline ‘gamot at serbisyomaasahandito’. Part of the activity also is educating the public on the use of generic medicine. Why spend large amount of money on branded medicine when you can have the same quality, safety and efficacy at less cost by using generic medicines?”

Bucana residents were very happy to have the medical mission right at their neighborhood.

“Masaya kami kasi ngayon lang nagkaroon sa lugar namin ng ganito kalaking medical mission nasama pati gamot. Kumpleto. Malaking tulong ito para sa aming mga taga Bucana. (We’re happy because it’s the first time that we had a medical mission of this magnitude atBucanawith lots of medicines. This is a great help to our community.”
– Leslie Ramos, 50yrs old who accompanied her granddaughter AnykkaRible, 5

“Nindot! Wala mi naglisod mag-pilaugmaghuwatkaydiligubot.Hapsay.Gi-sunodangnumero.Daghantambalgi-hatag.Uganggi-resetanila, barato.Daghantabangnisaamo. DaghansalamatsaGenerika.(Great! We did not have difficulty in lining up and waiting for our turn as everything was orderly, very organized. Everyone followed their priority number. There were also plenty of medicines.  Moreover, their prescribed medicines were affordable. It’s a great help to us. Much thanks to Generika Drugstore.)”
– Joel Mendoza, 71 yrs

“Pa salamat mi ugnaa nay Generika Drugstore diriduolsaamu.Gwapougserbisyougbarato pa ilangtambal.Daghannatabanganilang medical mission kaydaghanduktorug, ikaduha, daghanugtambalnadekalidadugbarato. Pasalamat mi mga senior kaydekalidadug affordable na among maintenance.” (We are very thankful because Generika Drugstore finally opened their branch in Bucana, Great service, affordable medicines! The medical mission helped many. There were many doctors and we were given quality, affordable medicines. The senior citizens thank Generika Drugstore for making our maintenance medicine affordable.)
– LeoncioTayag, 65 yrs

Brgy 76-A Bucana officials who collaborated with Generika in conducting the medical mission also expressed their appreciation and gratitude.
“Dakokaau along pasasalamatkay very successful ang 11th Medical Mission saGenerika Drugstore ngagipatigayonsaBrgy. 76-A Bucana, kinitungodsapagtinabangay, paghi-usaugkakugisamatag-usalabinasa barangay functionaries saBucanaugGenerika staff sapangunani Mr. Gary NitorredangGenerikaBucana Branch, daghan, daghankaayongsalamat. Dilikiniangkatapusankundimaokini and sinugdanansamgaumaabot pang maayongprogramasa barangay. (Congratulations to the 11th Medical Mission of Generika Drugstore held at Brgy. 76-A Bucana. We are so much thankful for its success. The cooperation, solidarity, and hard work especially by the barangay functionaries and GenerikaBucana staff led by Mr. Gary Nitorreda contributed much. Thank you very much. This is not the end but just the beginning of our collaboration.)”
– Kap Rolando T. Trajera, Barangay Captain, Brgy. 76-A Bucana

“Kakugiugpagsaligsamatag-usaangsusiaronmakab-otangatonggitinguhamaonga very successful kaayuang 11thMedical Mission saGenerikaDrugstore saBrgy 76-A Bucana. More than a thousand patients angatongnatabanganugnahimongposibleangtanantungodsapagtinabangaysaakongmgakaubanansa barangay staff, utility, tanod, sweeper, purok leaders, BHV/BHWugsatanan functionaries, labinasapagsaligugsuportanagihatagniKap. Rolando Trajera, Mr. Gary NitorredaugiyangGenerika staff. Daghandaghankaayongsalamat!” (Team work was key to the success of the 11th Medical Mission of Generika Drugstore at Brgy 76-A Bucana. We were able to attend to more than a thousand patients through the help and cooperation of co-workers in the barangay including the utility,tanod, sweeper, purok leaders, BHV/BHW and all other functionaries and the support of Kap. Rolando Trajera and Mr. Gary Nitorreda and his Generika staff. Thank you very very much!)
– Maychel de Leon, Brgy. 76-A Bucana Staff and co-organizer for the event in Davao

The volunteer doctors, nurses and barangay health workers also chimed in.

“It was a great medical mission especially because of the variety and abundance of medication made available.”
– Dr. Jopet Borrela, volunteer doctor

“We were so glad that we could extend our services to the community. The number was overwhelming but everybody had a good time. It’s always a nice experience to reach out and help people who are in need.”

– Dr. Nessy Layug, volunteer doctor

Generika Drugstore is committed to helping every Filipino have access to quality affordable medicines and health services. It is a pioneer in the generics medicine industry. It offers the widest range of quality generic medicines at much lower prices compared to branded products.  It has generic medicine for most common illnesses and allows 70% cost savings in contrast to branded counterparts. Aside from Generika Bucana, there are also Generika branches in Cabantian, NHA Buhangin, Mandug, Lanang, Ubalde, Agdao, Piapi, Skyline, Toril, and San Pedro, all in Davao City.

Source: Sunstar Davao

Generika Conducts Seminar Against Antibiotics Abuse

Generika Drugstore recently conducted a two-day seminar on the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), a major and global concern confronting healthcare providers and patients today.

Held at the Generika Head Office from August 28-29, the seminar focused on educating and training its pharmacists and upholding their role as focal point of antimicrobial stewardship, which aims to promote safe use of antimicrobial drugs, reduce patient harm, and decrease the incidence of antimicrobial resistance in the country.

Generika has invited speakers from the Asia Pacific Institute for Medication Management, Inc. (APIMM) to conduct lectures and workshops to Generika pharmacists who attended the seminar. Day 1 focused on understanding antimicrobials, which included the lecture of Mr. Bryan Posadas, Marketing Manager of APIMM and chairman of the Young Pharmacist Group of the Philippines (YPG), about common infections and the corresponding antibiotics that can treat the disease. He likewise presented some guidelines in dispensing antibiotics and how to provide medication advice to patients to prevent its abuse. On day 2, Ms. Leonila Ocampo, President of APIMM, talked about the current state of antimicrobial resistance worldwide and in the local scene, and how it became a global concern. A workshop was also conducted for the pharmacists to realize their significant role to combat antimicrobial resistance.

The whole session concluded by holding Generika Drugstore’s first White Coat Ceremony where pharmacists donned their white coats as a reminder that pharmacists, who are in drugstores or in the community settings, are not just sales persons but are like other health care providers who have important roles in addressing the health care needs of patients.

The seminar has also become an avenue for Generika Drugstore to launch a movement, which is in connection with the government’s campaign to arrest the increase of antimicrobial resistance cases, by putting up informational materials in all Generika stores nationwide in the fight against antibiotic abuse.  

Generika-Army is now a step closer towards attaining a three-peat!

Photos courtesy of

Generika-Army team will be entering the Philippine Superliga women’s division finals for the third straight conference after winning against Air Asia Zest Flying Spikers last July 20 at the Cuneta Astrodome. The Generika-Army swept three sets versus the red shirts (25-19, 25-23, 25-16), dominating the match.

The question now is… Will the Generika-Army Lady Troopers be able to prevail in the championship match against RC Cola-AirForce Raiders to defend their title?  They say good luck comes in threes! Watch the final game on Saturday (July 26), 5:30pm at the Cuneta Astrodome. See you all there and support our team!

Time Out! Interview with Coach Rico De Guzman of Generika-Army Team

Watch the game on Sunday, 5pm, at the Cuneta Astrodome. Generika-Army versus Air-Asia. Let's support Generika-Army Team!!!

Below is a short interview with Generika-Army Coach Rico de Guzman.

1. Coming from two defeats at the start of the conference, how were you able to turn it around?

Coach Rico: We learned from the mistakes that we have committed in the first two games. And with the return of Generika Army’s main setter, Corporal Tina Salak, the team is back on their game!

2. What sort of motivation you gave your team to be able to bounce back?

Coach Rico: I told them that they have to step up their game and don’t let their mistakes in the previous games affect the team. I know that each one of them can do more; they just have to believe in their capabilities.

3. Do you feel confident that you can make it through the championship games?

Coach Rico: I trust my team and I believe that we can reach the championship games, as long as they continue to train well and maintain their discipline.

4. How does it feel that you are now on top of the team standings?

Coach Rico: I feel happy that despite having two losses, we are able to emerge no. 1 in the team standings. And just because we are on top, that’s no reason to rest on our laurels. We will continue to train hard because we know our opponents are doing the same, especially in the semifinals.

5. Are you pressured especially that your team is the defending champion in the PSL Women’s League?

Coach Rico: I feel a little bit pressured because a lot of people are hoping to replicate the success we had in previous conferences. The Generika-Army team also knows that we have to win the title because that’s what our supporters want us to achieve.

6. What message can you give to the supporters of the Generika-Army team?

Coach Rico: From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all Generika employees for all the support and cheer that they are giving the team in every game. They are always keeping the Generika–Army team in high spirits and motivated in order to perform well. I would also like to thank Ms. Claire Carlos and Jay Ferrer for providing all the needs of the team. And to all the supporters of Generika-Army team, thank you for your time and moral support. God bless you all!

Generika Drugstore unveils MedPadala EGC to the media

Generika Drugstore has launched MedPadala EGC to the members of the press and selected bloggers held at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club, Makati City on May 20, 2014. The press attended the afternoon schedule while bloggers convened in the evening session of the MedPadala launch.


MedPadala is the first electronic gift check in the market, which addresses the concern of OFWs and individuals who send financial assistance to their loved ones who need medicine allowance, especially medicines for maintenance or for emergency need. With MedPadala EGC, one can be assured that the money he sends to his loved ones will be spent for medicines and not for something else.


The benefits of MedPadala EGC and why the product was conceptualized were clearly presented to the media guests via an audio video presentation (AVP), and thru a re-enactment between a daughter and her OFW father via Skype. The scenario showed the daughter asking for additional allowance from her dad, as the money which was supposed to be used for buying maintenance medicines for her mom was spent for other expenses.


Boy Abunda, the brand ambassador of Generika, also graced the occasion and shared with the media some real life stories of OFWs who face similar predicament depicted in the dramatization. Boy appeared before the media wearing the Generika orange and blue scarf, the icon and representation of Generika’s current “Air-con” ad campaign.


As an ice breaker, the media guests and bloggers alike participated in the game similar to the ‘Price is Right’ where they had to guess the value of the generic counterpart of some branded medicines. As much as they enjoyed the game, they also got amazed at the same time upon learning the huge price difference of generic medicines as compared to their branded counterparts.  Some of them were also given MedPadala EGCs when they participated in the actual demo transaction to show how MedPadala EGC is availed at a Generika Drugstore.


The MedPadala website ( and  Generika's channel partners for MedPadala such as LBC, VMobile, and Smart E-Money, Inc. were also presented in the event, where the top honchos and officials from both companies expressed their excitement over MedPadala and how it can complement the current products and services they are offering to their respective clients.

Generika Management gave the aforementioned companies a warm welcome and appreciation for partnering with Generika’s MedPadala, including those companies which are in the pipeline for future tie-up. In his speech, Mr. Julien Bello, Vice President of Generika Franchising Services Corporation (GFSC) and the brainchild of MedPadala, expressed that through the joint venture with companies like LBC,  VMobile, and Smart E-Money more people especially those who are target markets for MedPadala EGC can be tapped to use the product and benefit from it. In the meantime, Generika President Mr. Teodoro Ferrer gave the media people what he envisions to achieve for Generika in the years to come.

Also invited in the press launch during the session with the bloggers was Ms. Marilyn Tiu, Board of Director of the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPHA), who delivered an enlightening lecture about the truths and misconceptions about generic medicines including proper storage of medicines.


Generika Drugstore partners with LBC and VMobile for MedPadala EGC

Generika Drugstore recently signed a partnership agreement with LBC and VMobile Technologies Inc., as distribution channels for MedPadala EGC, the first electronic gift check in the country, intended for medicine purchases in any of Generika’s 500 drugstore branches nationwide. Generika’s MedPadala EGC is the first in the market and is intended to address the concerns of OFWs and individuals who send financial assistance to their loved ones, especially for medicines on emergency basis or for maintenance. MedPadala also assures the “sender” that the money they send to their beneficiary is being spent on medicines and not on non-essential items.

This partnership with LBC and VMobile will allow Filipinos (anywhere in the world) to have access to this innovative product so that a greater number of individuals can benefit from this service. LBC has more than 1,400 branches nationwide with international affiliations while VMobile, one of the biggest online Multi-level marketing companies in the Philippines, has approximately 2 million active members.



Generika Drugstore launches MedPadala

Worried that the money you send to your loved ones for medicines will not be used for the right purpose? Hesitant sometimes to continue sending money for this purpose, even though that this money is really needed?

Not anymore….

Generika has just introduced its latest innovative product called “MedPadala”, an electronic gift check that can be used to purchase medicines at any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide. 

MedPadala E-GC can be purchased at any Generika Drugstore branch and via

As a buyer of MedPadala, you will be given a Code and a Pin, which you can send to your chosen beneficiary via text or email. Upon receipt, your beneficiary can instantly use the MedPadala E-GC to buy medicines (generic or branded) and other medical supplies or related items at any Generika Drugstore outlet in the Philippines

-->

MedPadala  E-GC is a convenient and practical way of sending money to your loved ones when intended to purchase medicines. It has no shipping cost or remittance charge. MedPadala  E-GC can be redeemed/used instantly by your beneficiary in the Philippines and it has no expiration date. It can be consumed in multiple transactions; therefore, your beneficiary can use the MedPadala  E-GC until the amount is fully consumed.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Generika Drugstore and buy a MedPadala E-GC now!   

Boy Abunda opens his first Generika Drugstore branch

Apart from being a celebrity talk-show host and a former public relations practitioner, King of Talk Mr Boy Abunda is taking on a new role as franchise owner of Generika Drugstore – one of the fastest-growing drugstore chains in the country today, offering quality and affordable medicines. 


Located at Paz St., in Paco, Manila, the first Generika Drugstore outlet of Boy Abunda was formally opened to the public, in a ceremony which was attended by the top Management of Generika and some local government officials. 

As part of the many activities lined up for the store’s grand opening, Generika also conducted a medical mission for the students of Silahis ng Katarungan Elementary School, which is situated just beside Generika Paco Paz outlet. Boy delivered an inspirational message to the students and spent some time interacting with the kids and their parents.


“Generika is very close to my heart, because their advocacy is aligned to what I believe in”. Like Generika, Boy Abunda, has also been doing some outreach community projects as part of his Make your Nanay Proud Foundation, which he founded himself. Recently, Boy made an effort to help out the victims of Yolanda in his hometown by providing relief goods and conducting medical mission with his sister, Ms. Fe Abunda, who is currently the Mayor of Borongan, Samar. Generika donated close to P500K worth of medicines for the relief and medical missions.


Abunda joined Generika family last year by being the company’s brand ambassador. “I am very happy because I am a spokesperson for a company that is trying to make a difference by educating people about generic medicines and the benefits that they can get from it.”


Looking forward, Boy is looking at opening his second branch of Generika Drugstore in his native hometown in Borongan, Samar to be able to serve his kababayans and he is keen to opening more branches very soon. 

Generika relief operations for Yolanda victims

Generika Drugstore launched a series of relief efforts for the victims of typhoon Yolanda through medical missions, and additional initiatives for its staff and their families who were also affected by the calamity by granting them financial assistance.

Generika organized a team in the Visayas composed of Generika employees and staff with the help of doctors from Cebu Institute of Medicine, to conduct medical missions in the municipality of Medellin and Daan Bantayan in Cebu, where approximately 600 patients were served.

Apart from free consultation, bags of goods were also distributed to patients. Basic medicines such as Paracetamol, Mefenamic Acid, Amoxicillin, Anti-tetanus, vitamins and dressing for wounds were also provided.

Generika Drugstore's brand ambassador Mr. Boy Abunda also made an effort to help out the victims of Yolanda in his hometown Borongan, Samar. Almost P500K worth of medicines was donated by Generika Drugstore in support of Boy's medical and relief operations.


The company also raised funds from voluntary contributions of employees and franchisees to be able to extend the help it can give in support of this cause.


Generika Drugstore receives awards from Smart Communications, Inc.

Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc., recently gave recognition to Generika Drugstore for being one of its top performing business partners, in a ceremony held at The Fort Complex, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Generika Drugstore was cited by Smart Communications as Top Key Account partner in 2013 for achieving an impressive increase of load sell-out, besting Smart’s other trade account partners. Smart Inc. also bestowed an Excellence Award to Generika Drugstore for initiating “Project Robust,” a joint undertaking by Generika and Smart, that aims to provide IT solutions to further expand the latter’s prepaid load business. Last but not the least, a Certificate of Appreciation was also given to Generika for successfully helping the telco business serve the need of its growing customer base all over the country.

Generika chain of drugstores started offering load last 2012, when it launched i-Load, a proprietary loading service which allows subscribers of three major networks to buy load at any Generika Drugstore nationwide via Point of Sale (POS) technology. Generika Drugstore is the first drugstore chain in the country to offer this service.