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Generika Drugstore launches MedPadala

Worried that the money you send to your loved ones for medicines will not be used for the right purpose? Hesitant sometimes to continue sending money for this purpose, even though that this money is really needed?

Not anymore….

Generika has just introduced its latest innovative product called “MedPadala”, an electronic gift check that can be used to purchase medicines at any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide. 

MedPadala E-GC can be purchased at any Generika Drugstore branch and via

As a buyer of MedPadala, you will be given a Code and a Pin, which you can send to your chosen beneficiary via text or email. Upon receipt, your beneficiary can instantly use the MedPadala E-GC to buy medicines (generic or branded) and other medical supplies or related items at any Generika Drugstore outlet in the Philippines

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MedPadala  E-GC is a convenient and practical way of sending money to your loved ones when intended to purchase medicines. It has no shipping cost or remittance charge. MedPadala  E-GC can be redeemed/used instantly by your beneficiary in the Philippines and it has no expiration date. It can be consumed in multiple transactions; therefore, your beneficiary can use the MedPadala  E-GC until the amount is fully consumed.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Generika Drugstore and buy a MedPadala E-GC now!