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Generika now operates in 693 locations nationwide!


Generika Drugstore is now open for franchising.

If you are interested in investing in a business and serve your community, you could be a franchisee of a Generika Drugstore.

We are looking for motivated and capable individuals who want to put up and manage franchise stores, so that we can mutually benefit from our strategic partnership. 


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Generika Drugstore launches: 

Generika has just launched its latest innovative product called “MedPadala”, an electronic gift check that can be used to purchase medicines at any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide. 

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GeneriKard Specials Promo gives you more ways to stretch your budget by offering GeneriKard holders special deals and discounts. Once you have a GeneriKard, the loyalty card of Generika Drugstore, you can enjoy monthly discount offers plus  increase loyalty points with purchase of participating medicines.

The points  you've  earned can be redeemed, later on, to purchase other medicines or items at  any Generika Drugstore branch.

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FROM : Frederick Estoesta


I just want to express my appreciation to the service rendered to me by your staff in your branch at Colon area near Metro Gaisano. I just don’t have my receipt anymore that’s why I can’t remember the name of the person who assisted me but I could still remember her looks. She is a healthy lady about five feet height, she wears eyeglasses and yesterday she's the only store staffs who is wearing blue polo shirt.

I used to own a drugstore but I closed due to some concerns. It convinced me after experiencing being assisted by her for 2x that it is important that your employee are knowledgeable. She had explained to me the importance of completing the prescribed medicines. She even extends her effort in writing to my prescription the uses and time when I should take those medications. At first it is just a test for me if she really knew what she is saying until I realize I am already learning from her. I thought it is just to impress customer that's why she did that but then after my yesterday’s purchase, I am convinced that it is a practice for those people in the store to accommodate customers that way. 

I believe that this is a practice to all Generika stores and I am happy that there are still people who mind service over any other thing. I guess this is what makes Generika drugstore exceptional in the industry. Even having this customer's feedback online is very much marginalizing from other establishments in the industry.

People like this staff deserves appreciation from people like us who receives good customer service (please extend our appreciation to her good practice).

thank you very much!

Generika Drugstore and Ayala Corporation Partnership

Generika Drugstore is proud to be the newest member of Ayala Group of Companies!

TO this very day, the Philippines has one of the highest price levels for medicines in the developing world. What drug sells for the equivalent of P10 in India sells for P100 in the Philippines; P20 in India, P200 in the Philippines.  In other words, drug prices in the Philippines are typically 10 times higher than in India.   They are, to lesser extents, higher than drug prices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal,Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other South and Southeast Asian countries.

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