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A generic name refers to the identification of drugs and medicines by their scientifically and internationally recognized active ingredients or by their official generic name as determined by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health. An active ingredient is the chemical component responsible for the claimed therapeutic effect of the pharmaceutical product. On the other hand, a brand name is the proprietary name given by the manufacturer to distinguish its product from those of competitors.

Q: Are generic drugs the same as branded medicines?

A: Yes, generics are the therapeutic equivalent of the originator branded pharmaceutical products. They contain the same active substances and thus are interchangeable with the originator product. Generics provide the same quality, safety and efficacy as original branded medicines.

Q: Does every branded drug have a generic equivalent?

A: No. When a new drug is released in the market, its manufacturer is protected by a 17- to 20-year patent which grants him the exclusive right to produce and sell it. Once the patent expires, other manufacturers can start producing the drug and sell it, provided that they get BFAD approval for this.

Q: Are generic medicines subject to regulations and approval before they can be sold?

A: Yes, all medicines in the Philippines, whether branded or generic, must be registered and approved by BFAD before they can be sold on the market.

Q: Why are generic drugs less expensive?

A: When a manufacturer produces a generic medicine, it basically has only its production costs to cover. It does not to pay for expensive research and development costs because the formula of the medicine is public and has been proven already since the medicine has been existing for at least 20 years already. Also, the manufacturers of generic medicines usually incurs minimal expenses for advertising and promotions. Therefore, it can sell the generic medicine cheaper than the original drug.

Q: Are brand-name drugs made in better factories?

A: A pre-requisite for the approval of all medicines, whether branded or generic, is that the factories where they are manufactured must meet certain quality standards. If the factories do not meet certain standards, the BFAD will not allow them to manufacture drugs.

Q: Do generic medicines take longer to work in the body?

A: No, generic drugs work in the body in the same way and in the same amount of time as branded drugs, because they have the same active ingredients.

Q: If branded and generic medicines have the same active ingredients, why are they different in appearance and taste?

A: Active ingredients in branded and generic medicines are the same. But trademark laws do not allow generic drugs to have the same appearance as the branded drug. Colors, flavors and other physical characteristics do not affect the way the medicine works.

Q: Are drugstores authorized to substitute a branded medicine by its generic equivalent?

A: Yes, the Generic Act of 1988 authorizes drugstores to inform buyers about other drug products having the same generic name, together with their corresponding prices, so that the buyer may adequately exercise his option to choose which medicine he wants to purchase.

Q: My prescription contains only the branded names of the medicines. Is this normal?

A: No, the generic Act of 1988 requires all doctors and medical practitioners to indicate on the prescription the generic name of all medicines which they prescribe. The branded names are only optional and can be indicated in parenthesis.


All generic medicines sold at Generika are duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been carefully selected, in terms of manufacturer and quality, by our Corporate Pharma Department. At Generika, we have generics for most common illnesses, Ask our pharmacists. Generics are widely used in the US and Europe and the Philippine government strongly advocates their use. You can save up to 70% by using generic medicines instead of their branded counterpart.


A generic drug is a medicine that has gone off patent, therefore, it can be manufactured by any pharmaceutical company. It is the same as its brand-name drug, also known as the innovator, in terms of:

  • Dosage - the way should be taken/used
  • Safety
  • Strength
  • Quality

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Government Advocacy

1. Generics Act of 1988 (Republic Act No. 6675)
a. Date of Amendment: September 13, 1988

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A generic name refers to the identification of drugs and medicines by their scientifically and internationally recognized active ingredients or by their official generic name as determined by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health. An active ingredient is the chemical component responsible for the claimed therapeutic effect of the pharmaceutical product.

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Cures that kill

In 2007, more than 350 people in Panama died because of a cough syrup. The reason: diethylene glycol, an industrial solvent not approved not approved for human consumption, had been added in the drug as a substitute for the more expensive but safer glycerin.

Here in the Philippines, a 41 year old woman died from uterine atony while four others had to have emergency hysterectomies.

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Proper Storage

Proper Storage of Medicines

Various types of medications can be found in your homes. Medicines are very sensitive and can easily degrade when not stored properly. Thus, it is important to learn how to store your medicines appropriately.

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