Generics / Generika Drugstore • Generikard
Generika now operates in 693 locations nationwide!


Benefits of GeneriKard?

  • GeneriKard allows loyal customer to earn points for their purchases in all Generika Drugstore.
  • Get special privileges/offers exclusively to Generikard.

Who can avail the GeneriKard?

  • All Generika customers 18 years old and above. Senior Citizens are welcome to avail.
  • The GeneriKard is for individual; it does not apply to institutions, foundations and organizations.

How to avail the GeneriKard?

  • Buy a minimum of 300 pesos worth of generic medicines to get the card for free.
  • Or buy the GeneriKard for 50 pesos
  • Present a valid ID and submit the accomplished application form.

How to earn points with GeneriKard?

  • For generic medicines, you get 1% point of the purchase amount. For example, a purchase of 75 pesos earns 0.75 point.
  • For other items (branded medicines and consumer goods), you get 0.2% of the purchase amount. For example, a puchase of 200 pesos earns 0.4 point.
  • All transactions earn points except for: 1) transactions below 20 pesos (net after discounts); 2) transactions with a discount exceeding 20%; 3) transactions made through delivery; 4) charge transactions

How to redeem points with GeneriKard?

  • 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso.
  • The minimum transaction amount that can be redeemed is 10 points equivalent to 10 pesos.
  • Points are not convertible to cash.


The more items you buy, the more points you earn.